Putting your own spin on getting organized

Physical and visual organization are the foundation most people need to feel at peace and reach their goals. Workspaces are usually clear, everything has its own rightful place, we have a calendar filled with notes and appointments to remind us what we need to do and where we need to go… the perfect “picture” of organization from the outside. It’s what a lot of people THINK they need to aim for when they set out to “get more organized”.


Organization needs to work for you and your brain. “Picture perfect” isn’t for everyone.

In fact, for a lot of people, “organization” could look like the total OPPOSITE.

Their workspace might have three different stacks of books or papers on random-looking surfaces, there could be a chaotic board of brightly-colored post-its, and their phone might be pinging more than seems “normal”, adding to the cacophony around them. To someone who craves neatness and calm, it might look like a clutter-filled nightmare. I submit that this picture is one of a creative genius.

When it comes to organization, what matters is the intent behind what you’re doing rather than being “perfect”. In fact, striving for perfection can often be counterproductive because LIFE itself isn’t perfect! What works one day may not work the same the next day, and that is totally NORMAL. And that’s why I invite you to expand your idea of “organization” to include some of that flexibility. Your success and achievements don’t have to be measured against someone else’s rules — create your own rules and measure your success against your own scale! Personally I have an organizational system that allows me to get really messy, then clean up and put stuff away. You do YOU!

Breathe. Prioritize. Refine. Breathe.

Think about what your brain likes. What does it thrive on?

Does it get fired up over colors? If so, maybe try out the “post-it notes” idea. Does it like something loud and noisy to help it remember things instead of struggling to retain everything all at once? Maybe try a reminder app on your phone. Or does it only kick into high gear when something’s immediate and needs attention NOW? If so, you may want to consider assigning an area in your home or on your desk as the “hot spot”, where all the things you need to prioritize live either in note form or some other medium you respond to. Go to that hotspot each day and action what’s there in order of priority, removing completed tasks and adding new ones as needed.

Remember… it doesn’t matter WHAT you do to get organized — it matters THAT you get organized. Whatever that may look like for you. And go back to refreshing your system on a regular basis. I like weekly. Monday mornings I put things back in order and I feel ready for my week.

What will you try? Hit reply and let me know!



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